We've replaced our existing LEGENDplex™ Human Th Cytokine Panel with a new format that provides an improved standard curve for many of the analytes. While the new version has been assigned a different catalog number, it still maintains the same specificity and quality as the original. Learn more about the changes to the panel below!
Data generated using our new panel highlights a more robust standard curve for some analytes, particularly IL-21 and IL-22. We've also improved the stability of some recombinant standards, such as IFN-γ, for greater standard curve performance.
We've performed side-by-side comparisons with both panel formats and found a high degree of biological sample detectability correlation between the two assays for all analytes included in the panel.
Kit with Filter Plates
(Cat #)
Kit with V-Bottom Plates
(Cat #)
Th Cytokine Panel (13-plex) 740721 740722
Th1 Panel (5-plex) 740723 740724
Th2 Panel (6-plex) 740725 740726
Th1/Th2 Panel (8-plex) 740729 740730
Th17 Panel (8-plex) 740727 740728
Th9 Panel (3-plex) 740731 740732
Th22 Panel (4-plex) 740733 740734
Tfh Panel (4-plex) 740735 740736
In a land where reproducibility is king, outlaw reagents are making Western Blotting difficult. Learn how BioLegend is restoring order to make your lab Western-Ready™. Watch the full video!
We've made a new protocol video outlining the general steps required to perform positive or negative magnetic bead separation using our MojoSort™ cell separation products. Watch the full video!
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