Currently, BioLegend offers a number of antibody formats suitable for use in both in vitro and in vivo assays. In an effort to continue to improve our high quality standards, over the next year and a half, we will be discontinuing all of our LEAF™ purified antibodies and transitioning them to our Ultra-LEAF™ format. The Ultra-LEAF™ antibodies will remain azide-free, feature even lower endotoxin levels at <0.01 EU/μg of protein as compared to current LEAF™ formulation, and be available in a wider range of sizes. GoInVivo™ antibodies are guaranteed to have our lowest endotoxin threshold (<0.001 EU/μg), tested for over 20 pathogens, and ideal for researchers needing large bulk amounts of reagent.
Ultra-LEAF™ Purified anti-human CD95 (FAS) Antibody
Ultra-LEAF™ Purified anti-human BMP9 (GDF2) Antibody
Recombinant FASL (Cat. No. 589402) induces cytotoxic effect in Jurkat human T cell leukemia cells in a dose dependent manner (grey circles). Anti-human - CD95 monoclonal antibody (Cat. No. 684401, clone A16086F, purple squares) blocks the cytotoxic effect induced by recombinant human FASL (60 ng/ml). The ND50 = 0.01 - 0.05 μg/ml. Recombinant human BMP9 (Cat. No. 553102) induces alkaline phosphatase in ATDC5 mouse chondrogenic cell line in a dose dependent manner (black circles). Anti-human BMP9 monoclonal antibody (Cat. No. 611703, clone A16035H, purple circles) neutralizes the production of alkaline phosphatase in ATDC5 cells induced by BMP9 (2 ng/mL). The ND50 = 0.05 - 0.25 μg/mL.
New Ultra-LEAF™ Antibodies
New GoInVivo™ Antibodies
Specificity Clone
Anti-human BMP9 (GDF2) A16035H
Anti-human CD13 WM15
Anti-human CD95 (FAS) A16086F
Anti-mouse CD184 (CXCR4) QA16A08
Anti-mouse CD274
(B7-H1, PD-L1)
Anti-mouse CX3CR1 QA16A03
Anti-HMGB1 3E8
Specificity Clone
Anti-human/mouse/rat CD278 (ICOS) C398.4A
Anti-mouse IFN-γ XMG1.2
Armenian Hamster IgG Isotype control HTK888
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