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"You can live in any city in America, but New Orleans is the only city that lives in you,"
Chris Rose.
Year in and year out, BioLegend is proud to be a platinum sponsor for the biggest immunology conference of the year: IMMUNOLOGY 2015™, also known as the AAI Annual Meeting. This year, AAI is being hosted by the great city of New Orleans. You can learn about some interesting facts about the city below. Aside from sightseeing, AAI provides an outstanding opportunity to see talks on exciting and emerging research topics, meet with colleagues and peers, and catch a glimpse of companies’ newest products and innovations.
Speaking of innovation, check out these talks being given by our team of experts. They cover some new, interesting technologies like MojoSort™ (a magnetic bead-based system for isolating cell populations) and LEGENDplex™ (a flow cytometric bead-based assay for simultaneous analysis of several cytokines or chemokines). We’ll be blending in with New Orleans quite nicely with all these bead-based assays.

Visit us at booth #806 to get more information, and you’ll have the chance to win one of nine Amazon gift cards for $100!

In addition to our platinum sponsorship, we’re happy to support a variety of other awards and events at AAI 2015. This year, we’re providing researchers support with:

Lefrançois-BioLegend Award
This was established to honor the memory of AAI Member Dr. Leo Lefrançois, who we celebrated in a previous blog. This award is intended to advance the career of a trainee who attends the AAI Annual Meeting and presents an outstanding abstract specifically in the area of mucosal immunology. 
AAI-BioLegend Herzenberg Award
This award was established to honor the memory of AAI member Leonard A. Herzenberg, Ph.D., and recognizes an individual who has made exemplary research contributions to the field of B cell biology. Learn more about Herzenberg’s legacy and his contributions to flow cytometry.

We’re also sponsoring the President’s Service Appreciation Reception (May 8th), the Gala: Tastes and Tunes of New Orleans (May 11th), and our own Travel Awards.

It’s always interesting to see researchers on the dance floor. Seinfeld, NBC Studios.
While you’re planning your trip to AAI, think about these 5 cool facts about The Big Easy:
  1. While there are several ways to pronounce New Orleans, most locals pronounce it: New-ahl-e-yuns1. Pronounce it right so you don’t stick out!
  2. Voodoo was first introduced to the United States through New Orleans. Marie Laveau was among the most famous of the Voodoo queens, holding rituals, selling potions and charms, and influencing affairs of romance and finance2.
  3. Emeril Lagasse, John Goodman, Tyler Perry, Louis Armstrong, Richard Simmons, Bryant Gumbel, Lil Wayne, Peyton Manning, Reese Witherspoon, and Ellen DeGeneres were all born here3.
  4. Mardi Gras didn’t actually originate in New Orleans. It started in Mobile, Alabama. But, it has certainly decided to stay and become a staple of New Orleans.
  5. If you love gambling, be grateful for New Orleans. Both poker and craps (a dice game) were invented here.

Marie Laveau

There’s lots of sights to see, foods to sample, and culture to absorb while you’re in New Orleans. So, come see us at the conference and enjoy the sights and sounds of NOLA. You can learn more about IMMUNOLOGY 2015™ on their webpage. Let us know if you have any questions about the conference at
  1. Speaking like a local
  2. Secrets of the Voodoo Tomb
  3. People from New Orleans

Just when I thought I got the hang of science...
Contributed by Ken Lau, Ph.D.
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