BioLegend at IMMUNOLOGY 2015™ Report

Beignets, crawfish, and science!
The American Association of Immunologists, or AAI, holds an annual meeting which draws thousands of scientists together to discuss the hottest topics and latest research in immunology. As mentioned previously, BioLegend is proud to be a platinum sponsor of the AAI Annual Meeting. This year, at IMMUNOLOGY 2015™, BioLegend supported the scientific community by sponsoring and hosting several events, while also contributing through poster presentations and exhibitor workshops.
As with every previous year, there were a lot of exciting talks throughout the scientific sessions, and many going on concurrently. Though you could typically find me working at the booth, I did get to attend a couple of exciting talks. Dr. Suzanne L. Topalian, from Johns Hopkins University, discussed immune checkpoints, a field that has been quite revolutionary for cancer immunotherapy. Since anti-PD-1 therapy is very effective for a subset of cancer patients, she spent her time discussing immune checkpoint therapy in colorectal cancer, which is typically non-responsive to anti-PD-1. Interestingly, a high mutational load, which can be a mechanism of tumor cell persistence, is actually a good prognostic indicator for anti-PD-1 or anti-PD-L1 therapy, as the high mutation rate provides additional antigens to enhance an immune response.

Tumor cells use mechanisms of immune checkpoints, designed to prevent self-tolerance and auto-immunity, to evade an immune response. One such mechanism is PD-1/PD-L1 suppression of T cells.
On Saturday evening, Dr. Lee Herzenberg presented the inaugural AAI-BioLegend Herzenberg Award honoring her late husband, Dr. Leonard Herzenberg, the Father of Flow Cytometry. BioLegend is proud to sponsor this award, which was presented to Dr. Matthew Scharff at Albert Einstein University, who has contributed greatly to the elucidation of the molecular control of antibody production. Following the presentation of this award, Dr. Dennis Burton provided a keynote speech on his research on broadly neutralizing antibodies, which can be used to neutralize multiple strains of highly mutagenic viruses, such as HIV.

In the presence of rockstars: Dr. Herzenberg and Dr. Scharff during the presentation of the AAI-BioLegend Herzenberg Award.
A lot of interesting scientific discussions were also occurring at BioLegend’s booth, where we were always available to answer any questions and discuss new products with attendees. The hot topic of the weekend was MojoSort™, our new magnetic cell separation system. We’ll discuss MojoSort™ in more detail in a future blog post, so please stay tuned. At BioLegend’s booth, you could see sample boxes for MojoSort™ and the MojoSort™ magnet. There were also demonstrations of AutoGate by Stephan Meehan. AutoGate is flow cytometry analysis software that will be available free of charge for most research institutions.
The booth right before the exhibit hall opened.

Presenting MojoSort™!

Everyone learning about our new products!
BioLegend gives back to the immunology community by hosting a number of events at the AAI Annual Meeting. At IMMUNOLOGY 2015™, BioLegend sponsored the AAI President’s Reception and the IMMUNOLOGY 2015™ Gala: Lagniappe on the Levee—The Tastes & Tunes of New Orleans. See below for some fun pictures from these events!
AAI’s President’s Reception at the Court of the Two Sisters.
The BioLegend team at the IMMUNOLOGY 2015™ Gala at the Sugar Mill.

See you next year!
Contributed by Ed Chen, Ph.D.
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