Attending the 2019 Society for Neuroscience conference in Chicago? Don’t miss our presentation on the proteogenomic analysis of microglia, using our TotalSeq™ oligonucleotide-conjugated antibodies for single cell analysis of both proteomes and transcriptomes. Visit our booth (#654) to meet our scientists, pick up some of our cool posters, and enter drawings to win a Rock the Synapse T-shirt. Visit our webpage to learn more.
Attend our nanosymposium presentation to hear from Anna Cartier, Ph.D., Product Manger for Neuroscience, as she discusses TotalSeq™ reagents and their applications.

Proteogenomic analysis of microglia during LPS-induced acute inflammation (#539) Nanosymposium Session Title: Neurotoxicity, Inflammation, and Neuroprotection
Date and Time: 10/22/19, 1 – 4 PM
Location: McCormick Place, Room S103
Abstract Control Number: 8789
Swing by our booth to grab our new cell organelles poster, which can help you identify markers of lysosomes, autophagosomes, mitochondria, and more. Download or request a physical copy now to start exploring reagents for studying organelle biology.
Many genes associated with human diseases are conserved in Drosophila melanogaster, an attractive model organism for neuroscience. Flies have short life cycles, are easy to maintain, and can produce large sample sizes. BioLegend is expanding its collection of antibodies validated for Drosophila research to provide more options for more scientists.
S2 Drosophila cells stained with anti-ATG5 antibody (177.19, red), Flash Phalloidin™ Green 488 (green), and DAPI (blue).
Specificity Clone Application
β-actin W16197A WB
Histone H3 (C-terminus) 1B1-B2 WB, ICC
Ubiquitin P4G7 WB, ICC
ATG5 177.19 WB, ICC
PSMD9 Poly28615 WB
SOD1 O98B10 WB
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