Study ubiquitination in Neurodegeneration with BioLegend’s reagents.
Ubiquitination plays a critical role in the removal of protein aggregates. A recent study by Liu et al. found that knockdown of Ubiquitin Specific Protease 13 (USP13) led to increased clearance of Tau via autophagy and the proteasome in models of Alzheimer’s, suggesting USP13 could be a target for treatment. Learn how the authors used BioLegend’s anti-β-Amyloid antibody to characterize disease, and discover BioLegend’s toolset for investigating the role of ubiquitination in neurodegeneration.
Antibodies for ubiquitination, autophagy, and proteasome
Anti-Ubiquitin P4D1 , P4G7
Anti-Ubiquitin, 64-76 (free/bound) 5-25
Anti-p62 1B5.H9
Anti-Parkin 5C3/Parkin, Prk 8
Anti-LC3 A15143K
Anti-PSMD9 Poly28615
Anti-PSMA6 O91F3
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