The Immunologist's Guide to Lab Apps

Smart phones are ubiquitous in today’s society, and in the laboratory is no exception. While most companies do provide an app related to their primary customers, often just product searches from their website, BioLegend provides a large variety of applications (apps) tailored specifically to immunologists and their research needs, all provided at no cost. This blog will cover the major apps provided by BioLegend relevant to research steps from conceptualization to discovery. We will also recommend a few third party apps useful for immunologists.
CD Molecules
This one of kind app has compiled information on all of the Human and Mouse CD Markers based on the conclusions of the most recent HLDA workshop. Find important information, such as other names, function, molecular weight, cell expression, ligands, and much more on each CD molecule. BioLegend’s extensive selection of over 8,000 relevant research products is easily accessible with a single button.
Flow Cytometry
Flow cytometry is an important tool in the research arsenal for Immunologists. BioLegend’s Flow Cytometry app includes information on the spectral properties of fluorophores, fluorophore brightness, a spectra analyzer, rules for optimizing a multicolor panel, an instrument guide to provide general parameters on flow instruments, a guide for choosing flow cytometry buffers, a troubleshooting guide, videos, and much more.
Basic Immunology

Immunology can be a daunting and harrowing field if you've just been dropped into it. Our Basic Immunology app guides you through some of the fundamental concepts of immunology. With a solid foundation of information, you'll be able to pursue your research endeavors all the more effectively.

Cytokines and Chemokines

This unique app is an excellent source of information on all Human and Mouse Cytokines and Chemokines. Find important information, such as other names, function, molecular weight, receptors, relevant pathways, and much more on each molecule. Links to BioLegend’s extensive selection of relevant research products are easily accessible, which include functional recombinant proteins, antibodies for staining and neutralization, ELISA kits and sets, and multiplex reagents in our LEGENDplex™ product family.

Cell Markers

BioLegend's Cell Markers application displays a variety of cell types and the cell surface and intracellular markers associated with that cell. Includes the following cell types: Basophils, B cells, Embryonic Stem cells, Endothelial cells, Dendritic cells, Eosinophils, Epithelial cells, Erythrocytes, Fibroblasts, Hematopoietic Stem cells, Macrophages, Mast cells, MDSCs, Megakaryocytes, Mesenchymal Stem cells, Platelets, Naïve T cells and T Helper subsets, Neurons, NK cells, and Stromal cells. For each marker, find useful information such as other names, structure, distribution, function, and ligand/receptors, and relevant products offered by BioLegend.

Lab Tools

The BioLegend Lab Tools app is full of calculators and converters that should come in very hand in the lab or in the classroom. We have included the following calculators and converters: US Standard Calculator, a Lab Timer, ED50/Specific Activity Calculator, °F/°C Converter, Moles/Grams Calculator, Gram Calculator, g to RPM Calculator, Dilution Calculator, Molarity Calculator, Antibody Usage Calculator, and a Metric/Standard Converter.

Check out more useful and fun BioLegend apps at Web Tools Page, under Mobile Applications.

There are a number of other broadly useful apps for Immunologists out there as well. Below are few that are not affiliated with BioLegend:

Antibodies By CompareNetworks, Inc.
  • If you can’t find an antibody or other product on BioLegend’s website, perhaps Biocompare can find another vendor for you.
Molecular Probes™ 3D Cell App By Thermo Fisher Scientific
  • Visualize cells in 3D and learn about cell structures.
LabGuru By Biodata Ltd.
  • A lab notebook, protocols, lab timers, and more all on your device, capable of saving data images. It also comes with an inventory tracker.

Whichever app is the source for your data, be sure to verify any information before embarking on your research plan, as data (and apps) can become outdated. Do you know of any other great apps? Let us know at

Contributed by Dzung Nguyen, PhD.
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