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BioLegend understands that your specialized research may require custom reagents. You can be confident that we will produce your custom reagent at the highest possible standard of quality and at a legendary price.



Please provide details below.

1. Minimum requirement for custom conjugation is 1 mg of final product.
2. Maximum concentration for conjugated antibodies is 0.5 mg/ml, typically provided at 0.2 mg/ml for PE and PE tandems, APC and APC tandems, PerCP and PerCP/Cy5.5, and Brilliant Violet™ fluorophores. Purified, Biotin, FITC, Pacific Blue™ and Alexa Fluor®
3. Antibodies are typically provided in the following storage buffers: Purified and conjugated antibodies = 1X PBS, 0.09% sodium azide, LEAF™ = sterile 1X PBS
4. The typical endotoxin level for LEAF™ products is < 0.1 EU/µg of protein (< 0.01 ng/μg of the protein).
5. When applicable, conjugates are tested by flow cytometry. For faster delivery, QC testing can be waived.
6. Typical turnaround time is 2-3 weeks.

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