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Product Specificity Clone Authors Journal Year Vol/Page Pubmed
Pacific Blue™ anti-human CD19 HIB19 Escudero–Pérez B, et al. JCI Insight 2019 4:e126070 Link
LEGENDplex™ Mouse Proinflammatory Chemokine Panel (13-plex) with V-bottom Plate Farris BY, et al. Immun Inflamm Dis 2019 0.518055556 Link
Flash Phalloidin™ Green 488 Cyr A, et al. Oxid Med Cell Longev 2019 2019:4745067 Link
LEGENDplex™ Mouse Immunoglobulin Isotyping Panel Detection Antibodies Jin Y, et al. Sci Rep 2019 3.440972222 Link
LEGENDplex™ Human B Cell Panel (13-plex) with Filter Plate Scott EM, et al. J Immunother Cancer 2019 0.513888889 Link
LEGENDplex™ Human Vascular Inflammation Panel 1-TC (13-plex) with Filter Plate Yousef H, et al. Nat Med 2019 25:988 Link
LEGENDScreen™ Human PE Kit Vattulainen M, et al. Stem Cell Res Ther 2019 10:236 Link
LEGENDScreen™ Human PE Kit Adkar SS, et al. Stem Cells 2019 37:65 Link
LEGENDScreen™ Human PE Kit Guo J, et al. Cancer Immunol Res 2019 1.349305556 Link
LEGENDplex™ Mouse Type 1/2 Interferon Panel (3-plex) with Filter Plate Stifter SA, et al. Cell Rep 2019 29:3539 Link
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