Usage With Columns

Due to the properties of our magnetic nanobeads, it is possible to use them in commercially available separation columns. We have validated their use with such devices through internal research, and confirmed at academic labs. It is also possible to use them in column-based automatic separation machines. Thanks to their strong magnetic properties, the number of beads needed to separate the cells may be far lower than particles from other commercial suppliers. Thus, to use MojoSortâ„¢ Nanobeads in commercially available columns, a dilution is recommended. Click in the corresponding buttons for Positive or Negative Selection Protocol and follow the instructions as a guideline for optimal results. If you need further assistance please contact BioLegend Technical Support.

Electron Microscopy With Separation Columns

Positively Selected Cells



MojoSortâ„¢ Nanobead-isolated CD19+ cells using columns do not display more bound beads on the cell surface (A) as compared to cells isolated with a compatible commercial product using the same columns (B). Red arrows indicate where the particles are located. Numbers indicate either 2 or 3 magnetic particles adjacent to each other. Pictures were taken at the same magnification, scale shown in B. Images are representative of 41 different cells each.

Negatively Selected Cells



CD4+ T cells Isolated with MojoSortâ„¢ CD4 T Cell Isolation Kit using columns do not display particles in the cell surface. Image is representative of 36 different cells.